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history and physical cheat sheet

history and physical cheat sheet

Speed through your charting with this handy cheat sheet! 


I started using a version of this cheat sheet when I was in Nurse Practitioner school; over the years, I adapted and customized it and it became my best friend and played a big role in me getting out of the office every day by 5PM with all of my charts closed. 


If you want to efficiently and effectively take notes on any patient, if you want to prepare for your patients before your visit, if you want to have excellent notes that will make charting a snap, this downloadable cheat sheet is for YOU. 


  • PREPARE: highlight the areas that you want to be sure to assess in your visit, based on the presenting concern or the nature of the visit
  • EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE: circle pertinent positives, cross off negatives
  • FREE TEXT: add notes in the free text area for anything that isn't already covered in the checklist
  • SECOND BRAIN: helpful for students, those early in their career, or when you are seeing a patient with a concern that you don't encounter frequently - subjective and objective prompts for every body system to be sure that you don't forget any important questions
  • DOUBLE SIDED: print on one side and leave the other side free for additional notes or print double sided for even more efficiency (one sheet for two patients!)
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: consider printing a few, laminating them, and reusing them over and over and over


Get your download now, and start using it immediately to optimize your patient care and your self care (by improving your charting - one of the biggest time drains for any clinician).

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