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Say It Out Loud! A Self Paced Dictation Workshop

Say It Out Loud! A Self Paced Dictation Workshop

I can keep most patients and most visits on track and running on time. 
I can cut things short a bit in the visit so that I can get some charting done either at the end of one visit or before starting the next. 
I can send as many of my tasks as possible to the nurses who work with me. 
I can use templates and shortcuts in my chart. 


All of those things help, and doing all of them together really helps, but that’s still not what is going to get your desk cleared off and you walking out of the office on time all the time. 


Being in control of your charting gives you the bandwidth to get better at charting – and when you aren’t crafting a note from scratch by hand every single time, you can easily spot the places where you need improvement. 


You could pull back and use that same analogy for being a clinician in general; if you are not mired down in tapping out notes in the chart, and instead can get the same work done faster by dictating, then you have the time, the bandwidth, the energy, to pull back and look at your work as a whole. You can pinpoint the areas where you want to improve – and actually have the time and energy to make it happen.

The thing is, dictation is not taught in school. This is strange, because charting and paperwork is a universal time drain for all clinicians and there are so many people who could benefit from the magic of dictation. Most clinicians walk into their first job after graduation, find a dictation microphone on the desk, and have no idea how to use it. 

In this self-paced workshop, you will:

: : learn a framework for understanding how to dictate
: : learn what holds so many back from even starting dictating
: : learn how to use the dictation microphone
: : learn dictation technique
: : practice material for dictating
: : a method for improving your dictating

Not only am I efficiency obsessed and The World's Most Productive Nurse Practitioner, I also have three decades (I started as a teenager!) of experience in radio. Speaking into a microphone, speaking into the void, doing it over and over again - yeah, this is not my first rodeo. 


I came to the dictation table with this unique set of skills that helped me to get over the initial hurdles of dictation - here, I share those with you so that you can unlock the magic of dictation, get your notes done faster than ever, and then get out of the office.

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