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Secrets From The World's Most Productive

A track record of closing visits the same day (lowest quarter: 97%), rarely running late, and leaving on time every day earned me the nickname of The World’s Most Productive* Nurse Practitioner. Learn my secrets for staying on track at work, maintaining YOUR ideal work-life harmony, the questions to ask BEFORE you accept an offer that will let you know whether your potential new workplace views (and values) time the same way you do, and so much more.

All the things that you DON’T learn in school are waiting for you in this book. Buy it for yourself if you are about to graduate; give it as a gift for a new NP; pick it up and read it before you accept another job offer that could leave you burnt out and questioning whether leaving the floor as an RN was really the right choice (it was!).

Cheaper than board reviews, and healthier than a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine, this is pretty much the BEST $13.95 you could spend to prepare yourself for practice in all the ways that school didn’t. And it’s an easy read, with a sense of humor – what’s the last book you read that you could say that about? I’ll wait…

  • Get the questions to ask in the interview, BEFORE you accept the offer, so you choose the right workplace for you

  • Learn how to manage your time in a way that works for YOU

  • Get cheat sheets to cut your charting time waaay back

  • Learn why having a reflective practice is so important - and how to craft one

  • All the stuff they didn't teach you in school!

Jessica Reeves, MSN, MPH, APRN, FNP-C is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner living, working, and writing in New Hampshire. She earned her Master of Science in Nursing at Simmons College, and her Master of Public Health at Dartmouth College. She started wearing a watch when she was 8 years old, and believes if you are not at least five minutes early, you are late.

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Announcing the only cheat sheets that are completely appropriate to use! These are the very cheat sheets that I started using while I was in clinical rotations in Nurse Practitioner school and which I continued to use for my first year of practice.
Eight Reasons Why I Love These Cheat Sheets:
1. They gave me the confidence that I needed when talking with patients – I didn’t need to worry that I might forget to ask an important question, all of the most important things for each body system were right there in front of me.
2. They gave me the confidence that I needed when speaking with my preceptor – I didn’t need to worry about forgetting something when giving report on a patient. Everything that I asked the patient, everything that I assessed about the patient, every pertinent part of the patient’s history: it was all right there on the page, at a glance.
3. They made charting a snap. In NP school, we had to chart everything twice: once in the patient’s actual chart, and again in our school’s charting system. Having these sheets made that easy peasy lemon squeezy. If I needed to click on/off pertinent positives and negatives, I had everything I needed. If I needed to write a narrative description, I had everything I needed (and the contents from each body system served as a template for what I needed to write, so I didn’t have to worry about leaving anything out).
4. They helped me to track my time. I wrote my time in/out of the room with the patient in the corner, and the time in/out of the chart next to it. I was able to get a sense of how long certain visits took me to do, how long it took to chart. This was HUGE when it came to practicing on my own (and I kept track of my time for a while as a new grad until I had a good sense of how long things took and was running on time most of the time).
5. Spiral bound! So easy to bring into the exam room, easy to refer back to when charting or needing to refer back to anything.
6. The 8.5” x 11” is the same size as a standard sheet of paper. You won’t get a hand cramp trying to use a small sheet. And there are 100 pages!
7. Free text area. If you haven’t started clinicals yet, you may not realize: there will always be some wild card aspect to 99% of visits. Either a symptom from way out in left field, a piece of history that no one saw coming, or some atypical treatment approach (like, maybe the patient put llama milk on their foot rash and it got worse; I don’t know, you get the idea). Jot that down in the free text area on the side.
8. Fodder for smart phrases. Or dotphrases. Or whatever your EMR calls them. When you begin practicing on your own, you’ll want charting shortcuts – and these cheat sheets will help with that. You can use the content of each body system listed to start creating your smartphrases – much faster than starting from scratch. And once you go through the whole book, you can flip back through and see which things you are seeing the most often; maybe you actually document a lot of cardiac stuff, and didn’t realize until you looked back through this.
This makes a great gift – for yourself, your school bestie/battle buddy, your favorite student, or a new grad. You will use these not only during your clinical rotations, but also once you start practicing – to help not only with the visits, but with charting, and even time management. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find ANOTHER innovative way to use them. But trust me, you WILL use them – and once you start, you’ll wonder how you ever made it without them.

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1793 & A Dream: How I Opened My Private Practice For Next To Nothing - And You Can, Too

$1793 & A DREAM

How I Opened My Private Practice For Next To Nothing - And You Can, Too

Congratulations on taking a big step in opening your own private practice - that’s huge! It’s a dream of many, but a reality of only a few. Why? Because there is risk and a lot of hard work. Once you embrace those facts, you will realize that there is also a great amount of reward waiting for you.

- The Benefits Of Starting Your Own Practice
- The Benefits Of Starting Small
- How To Keep Costs Low
- Business Plan Basics
- Essentials To Be Ready To Open
- What I Spent To Be Ready For Patients
- What I Didn't Spend Money On
- My Story
- Geographic Variability / State Practice Environment
- and more!

Learn how I spent less than $2000 to be ready to start seeing patients. There are worksheets and exercises to get you thinking about what is really important to you as a clinician and entrepreneur – building your support network, the essentials to be open, and how to start small and sustainably. All in an easy-to-read ebook that you can finish quickly (and get on to the next thing on your never-ending entrepreneur’s checklist), and refer to again and again.

Whether you are getting ready to launch your side hustle or take the leap and go all in with your own practice, this book will tell you how I did it - efficiently, sustainably, and with low overhead. And my story is universal - whether you are a Nurse Practitioner (like me!), a Physician Assistant, a Physician, a therapist - you name it, if you can go into private practice, my story will resonate with you.

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