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Jessica Reeves, MSN, MPH, APRN, FNP-C
Nurse Practitioner + Mentor

Jessica Reeves MSN MPH APRN FNP Nurse Practitioner and Mentor

They didn't give me admin time. 

Working in SUPER busy practices - reproductive healthcare and family medicine - and always running on time, while also leaving on time with 97-100% of my charts closed. That is my proudest professional achievement. 

I have had a lot of different experiences over the course of my career, but the common thread that has run through my entire professional life is people, communication, and problem solving. I love to talk with people and work together to identify and achieve their goals, whether it’s a client and a marketing campaign, a patient with a cluster of symptoms, or a fellow provider who needs my support.

It was a sad day when I realized how little is done to care for providers.

When I was working on my Masters in Public Health, my research focused on patient-provider communication, and all of the ways in which providers were coming up short when working with patients. While this is an important subject (and one that gets very little attention in most healthcare curricula), I was left wondering when someone was going to focus on the provider experience. Once I realized that NO ONE WAS, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I became a coach to be a part of the solution. If our industry, our supervisors, collaborators, and administrators aren’t going to take care of us, we must decide to take care of ourselves and one another. And no one understands the struggle of the Nurse Practitioner like another Nurse Practitioner.

Master of Public Health, Dartmouth College
Master of Science (Nursing), Simmons College
Board Certification (Family Nurse Practitioner), American Association of Nurse Practitioners

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About Jessica, Nurse Practitioner Coach: About Me


There is a lot of attention being paid in healthcare to the patient experience. 

What gets far less attention, and which desperately needs it, is the provider experience. How we work as providers, how we cope as providers, and how we can care for ourselves so that we can care for patients. 

Recognizing this gap, I was inspired to offer mentoring services for Nurse Practitioners. To help new providers go from surviving to thriving. To help established providers navigate around burnout. 

If you are a current Nurse Practitioner and believe that things could be better, mentoring is for you. If you are starting a new chapter in your career as a Nurse Practitioner and want to go in as strong as possible, mentoring is for you. 

About Jessica, Nurse Practitioner Coach: About
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