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everything you need to talk about as a Nurse Practitioner, but were afraid to ask ;)

Imagine having an experienced Nurse Practitioner available to you. One-on-one. On a regular basis. Confidential. For all of the questions that come up when you are a new Nurse Practitioner - but were afraid to ask. 

Join me for Office Hours and get paired up with a supportive fellow NP (me!) and get guidance on all the things that now fall in your lap as a Nurse Practitioner. Time management, clinical decision making, navigating leadership challenges - if you have ever felt like you could use an NP on call just for YOU, you need to join me for Office Hours. 

We will meet virtually, an average of once a week (though we'll decide together what works best). Pick my brain on clinical issues, strategize about how best to use your time, vent - most importantly, get the support that you need. 

(Cost: starting at $100/month for four weekly visits)

OFFICE HOURS - custom support for NPs: Welcome
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