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It's Time To Learn To Chart

Everybody charts

What's the one thing that all clinicians have in common - regardless of how long they spent in school, where they went to school, their current practice setting, or even number of years of practice?

We all chart.

There’s no avoiding it.

But learning to chart? Well, that might be a different story

Then again, maybe not. While we all have to chart - nurses, doctors, midwives, dentists, veterinarians - very, very few of us have been taught how to chart. We learn to chart mainly through trial and error. If you get some kind of reprimand, you figure out (on your own) how to not do that in the future so that you can avoid the reprimand. (In dog training, they call that negative training technique.) If you are lucky, you are able to figure out the game relatively quickly, before getting to the point of burnout.

If you are still working to figure it out - you are not alone.

What does it look like to be figuring it out on your own?

  • Perfectionism - because you got reprimanded and it felt terrible, so you are going to do everything in your power to not get reprimanded again (even if you have to sacrifice yourself in the process).

  • Working late - because you were running behind and you let things get added on to the visit; now you have even more to cover in your note.

  • Charting at night and on weekends - because you can’t sign the note until it is perfect, even if it takes longer.

  • Burnout - because your time in clinic is not in your control and you are constantly playing catch up, and this is not sustainable.

What if there was a better way?

If you have had it up to here with the way things are going and know that things can be better - you just need someone to show you how - join us in Chart Magic. In four weeks of this self-paced course (that you can do from anywhere), you can go from 5-10 hours of extra work (or more, for some of you) each week to closing your charts before you leave for the day, getting your life back, and feeling EMPOWERED - not burnt out or on the verge.

I’m doing a small launch for this first round, mainly because I want to be sure that I can accommodate the scheduling for the 1:1 support that you get as a part of this course (and it’s a lot - coaching sessions, time audits and feedback, note review and feedback). In fact, I am down to less than 5 spots open as I write this - so if the time has come to learn to chart, let’s get started.


Details below, or simply click here.

Take care,

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